Bring Hsar's Family to Canada

Hsar arrived in Canada as a sponsored refugee student in 2013. He has been living and working in Sault Ste. Marie since then. Hsar had to leave his wife and infant daughter behind in a refugee camp in Thailand so that he could try to make a better life for them here. He has only been able to see his daughter once since she was born. Hsar has touched many lives with his positive attitude, motivation and beautiful spirit. We want to help make his dream of providing a safe place for his wife and daughter to live a reality. Please help us give Hsar's daughter the opportunity for an education and a safe place to grow up.

Although Hsar sends every available cent he can earn to support his family, it's a difficult challenge for everyone. The family dreams of the day that they might be reunited for a new life, here in Canada.

On St. Joseph Island, Ontario local resident Carmen Nelson and her 'Group of Five' share that hope and are working to help make Hsar's dream a reality, by sponsoring his family as refugee candidates for emigration to Canada where they can join their husband and father. If they're successful, the 'Group of Five' would be responsible for ensuring that the newcomers would learn English, become employed and learn about Canadian culture. They would also be responsible for financially supporting the family for one year, which means that the 'Group of Five' will be reaching out to the community, and online, for help. The community is taking Hsar's family into its collective heart and with your help we're sure that the Group's fundraising efforts will be successful.

We are looking for monetary donations to our cause, but also any donations of new or lightly used summer and winter clothing, linens, housewares or furniture. Hsar's wife Ma San is a women's size small and his daughter is around a size 3T. Our goal is to have a place ready for the family to live as soon as they arrive in Canada.


The “Help Bring Hsar’s Family to Canada” sponsorship group has been continuing to actively, although quietly, work to bring Hsar’s wife and daughter to Canada to live as a Canadian family. The group remains tremendously grateful for the overwhelmingly generous support that the Island and Sault communities have given throughout this past year. 

Last year the generosity of the community pushed the fundraising well over the halfway mark in its goal to raise $25,000.00.  This is the minimum required to provide support for the settlement of Hsar’s family.  This year, planning has begun for many new activities that not only will complement the diverse interests of the community, but will deliver funds to the goal.

The immigration application process is long, years long, but working with the generous and committed supporters of “Help Bring Hsar’s Family to Canada,” has maintained the optimism and patience that is required for proceeding one small and slow step at a time.

Hsar is once again living on the Island.  He is working in his area of passion – organic farming.  He will be dividing his time with his other passion – fishing on Gawas Bay.  In the fall, Hsar will return to the Sault to Algoma University to complete his studies in Community Economic and Social Development.